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Conditions of Use

This web site is operated by HANAYASHIKI Co., Ltd (called HANAYASHIKI and so forth) or affiliated company of HANAYASHIKI.

carious information and data are published on the HANAYASHIKI web site. Please read carefully the following conditions of use in advance when you use the contents of the website as all of the contents included in this web site has the limitation of usage.

Furthermore, for the things provided the conditions of use in each web site, please use them after you read the conditions of use carefully.

Limitation for the usage of data documents

  • All of the data (called data documents and so forth) such as the illustration of the pattern based on the characters, photos movie, music, sound, sentence, game, program and so on published on the HANAYASHIKI web site are protected by intellectual property of HANAYASHIKI or owners of patent( or neighboring right) who give us the permission to use.
  • Regarding the data documents, the download is only accepted when meet the all of the following conditions.
    • The purpose of the use is not-for-profit, personal use.
    • It must be one copy per one computer used at home.
    • All of the intellectual property, trademark and other indicated right expressed in the data documents must be kept.
  • Please be careful as the following usage are not permitted.
    • To install downloaded data documents to other computers.
    • To make a copy, modify, or edit, to distribute, sell to others, to conduct the reverse engineering, reverse compiling, reverse assembling, or other format possible to scan. For example, to add something on downloaded character data documents or to publish the data documents on your own web site or distributing to other people by printing out.
  • Downloaded data documents can be only used non-exclusively in the area accepted under the conditions of use. It does not mean to transfer any of the right.
  • If you violate the conditions of use, HANAYASHIKI can cancel the permission to use. In this case, the usage of data documents must be immediately terminated, furthermore, all of the downloaded data documents and copies must be deleted.
  • If you use the data documents beside the personal use (except the case when it is approved by intellectual property) without permission of HANAYASHIKI no mater if HANAYASHIKI cancel the permission of use or not, it is the violation of intellectual property (or neighboring right ) and considered to be the illegal act by copyright law and not only interdiction of the violation act, claim for damages from right holder but also a target of criminal punishment. Please earnestly pay attention.
  • Although the dispatched place of HANAYASHIKI web site is Japan, HANAYASHIKI web site is protected at the municipal law of foreign countries that receiving the message by such as Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, Universal Copyright Convention.

Application of the Act

Interpretation of this conditions of use apply to the governing law of Japanese legal system.
Furthermore, in case if the conditions of use is translated into foreign languages, Japanese interpretation is preferred. The lawsuit related to this HANAYASHIKI web site will be subject to Tokyo District Court of Japan as the first instance of exclusive jurisdiction courthouse.