The oldest amusement park in Japan
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  • Ahana Wind
    Ahana Wind

    Hanayashiki original goods including Specialty of “Panda Car” goods and unique items are sold at the store.
    Please find the online shop at

  • Fortune-telling street Atarumo
    Fortune-telling street “Atarumo”

    Parmistry for better furtune ranging from 1,080yen to 3,240Yen depending on the contents. (540Yen for Children)

  • Fortune-telling streetHANAYASHIKI Concept Shop

    HANAYASHIKI Concept Shop handles original items focusing on apparel and miscellaneous goods.
    Opening hours: 10:00-17:00
    Closed on Hanayashiki park holiday
    ※The shop is located on the Orange-street in front of Public Hall outside of the park.>>map

  • Sawagi

    Japanese Restaurant serving mainly lunch such as the set meal of Tempura, broiled eel bowl, and Salmon Row bowl.
    “Raft Tendon ” is the specialty.
    You can enjoy the meal at the cozy Japanese atmosphere with even accompanied by children.
    The entrance is also located on the Hanayashiki street.
    Open 11:00-15:00 (last order:14:30)
    Closed on Monday and Thursday (except holidays)

  • Hanayashiki BBQ Garden
    Hanayashiki BBQ Garden

    Roofed BBQ Garden with food fully prepared. Special ticket with Admission fee&BBQ lunch is available. Reservation
    ※Japanese site only


    Food Court serving various foods and drinks. “Panda Car Soy sauce ramen” is recommended.

  • Food Court
    Food Court “KiKi”

    “Age Takoyaki”(Fried Octopus Dumbling) is the famous menu.  You can also enjoy the genuine Curry with 48 different spice mixed.

  • Furoru

    Long potatoes and Hot dog is the popular menu. Long potatoes: 600Yen, Hot Dog with long sausage:400Yen

  • Vake Palette
    Vake Palette

    Shop for Freshly baked Baby Castella and Popcorn. Specialty of “Panda Car Yaki” is only available at this store.

  • Marion Crepes
    Marion Crepes

    Original Crepe “Marion Hanayashiki” is only served at this store. Marion Hanayasjiki:540Yen

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