The oldest amusement park in Japan
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  • Ahana Wind
    Ahana Wind

    Hanayashiki original goods including Specialty of “Panda Car” goods and unique items are sold at the store.
    Please find the online shop at

  • Fortune-telling street Atarumo
    Fortune-telling street “Atarumo”

    Parmistry for better furtune ranging from 1,080yen to 3,240Yen depending on the contents. (540Yen for Children)

  • Fortune-telling street Atarumo
    Maruhana Ninja Shop

    Ninja goods are gathered!
    The store handles various fun souvenir including the goods you can get into Ninja character and accessories.
    Typical Japanese souvenir is also sold at the store.
    Please stop by the store!

  • Fortune-telling streetHANAYASHIKI Concept Shop

    HANAYASHIKI Concept Shop handles original items focusing on apparel and miscellaneous goods.
    Opening hours: 10:00-17:00
    Closed on Hanayashiki park holiday
    ※The shop is located on the Orange-street in front of Public Hall outside of the park.>>map

  • Sawagi

    Japanese Restaurant serving mainly lunch such as the set meal of Tempura, broiled eel bowl, and Salmon Row bowl.
    “Raft Tendon ” is the specialty.
    You can enjoy the meal at the cozy Japanese atmosphere with even accompanied by children.
    The entrance is also located on the Hanayashiki street.
    Open 11:00-15:00 (last order:14:30)
    Closed on Monday and Thursday (except holidays)

  • Hanayashiki BBQ Garden
    Hanayashiki BBQ Garden

    Roofed BBQ Garden with food fully prepared. Special ticket with Admission fee&BBQ lunch is available. Reservation
    ※Japanese site only


    Food Court serving various foods and drinks. “Panda Car Soy sauce ramen” is recommended.

  • Food Court
    Food Court “KiKi”

    “Age Takoyaki”(Fried Octopus Dumbling) is the famous menu.  You can also enjoy the genuine Curry with 48 different spice mixed.

  • Furoru

    Long potatoes and Hot dog is the popular menu. Long potatoes: 600Yen, Hot Dog with long sausage:400Yen

  • Vake Palette
    Vake Palette

    Shop for Freshly baked Baby Castella and Popcorn. Specialty of “Panda Car Yaki” is only available at this store.

  • Marion Crepes
    Marion Crepes

    Original Crepe “Marion Hanayashiki” is only served at this store. Marion Hanayasjiki:540Yen

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