The oldest amusement park in Japan
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  • Fortune-telling streetHanayashiki Enjoy Counter

    Hanayashiki original goods including Specialty of “Panda Car” goods and unique items are sold at the store.

  • capsule toy store
    Capsule Toy Store

    It is a capsule toy specialty store with a wide lineup like a department store.
    You can enjoy it without entering the amusement park.

  • Fortune-telling streetichibankuji official store

    This is the official store of the Ichibankuji.
    “The character prize game where everyone receives some prize!”

  • Food Court
    Food Court "KiKi"

    "Age Takoyaki"(Fried Octopus Dumbling) is the famous menu.  You can also enjoy the genuine Curry with 48 different spice mixed.

  • Furoru

    Long potatoes and Hot dog is the popular menu. Long potatoes: 600Yen, Hot Dog with long sausage:400Yen

  • Marion Crepes
    Marion Crepes

    Original Crepe "Marion Hanayashiki" is only served at this store. Marion Hanayasjiki:540Yen

  • Marion Crepes
    Dom Dom Hamburger

    It is the oldest Hamburger Shop in Japan. “Asakusa croquette Burger“(with Japanese black beef)is available only in Hanayashiki.

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