The Oldest Amusement Park in JAPAN

An Amusement Place in Asakusa, "Hanayashiki"

Hanayashiki was opened as a flower park in 1853, when Commodore of the US Navy Matthew Calbraith Perry visited our country in the late Edo era. Nowadays, Hanayashiki is operating as an amusement park where it is overflowing with 20 kinds of attractions and lunchrooms. Shops in the park also have a wide range of souvenirs, like park original goods!

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Admission Fee (Ride tickets are not included)
From 13 years to 64 years old 1,000yen
From7years to 12 years old 500yen
Over 65 years old
Under 6 years old Free
Physically disabled persons
(please indicate the physical disabillty certificate)
Free Ride Pass (Admission is not included)
From 13 years to 64 years old 2,300yen
From7years to 12 years old 2,000yen
Over 65 years old 1,800yen
Under 6 years old
Ride tickets (Ages 2 & over)
Regular ticket 1 ticket 100yen
Coupon ticket 11 tickets 1,000yen


Access map
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Toei Subway Asakusa Line
Tobu Isezaki Line
5minutes on foot from Asakusa Station.

Hanayashiki History

Hanayashiki History
Hanayashiki originally opened as a "flower park" in 1853 - when Perry arrived in Uraga with his black ships! This was at the end of the Edo era.
Information attendant
Information attendant in around 1915.
Hanayashiki History
Hanayashiki History
In addition to the play equipment that was installed in 1872, there were also exotic birds, animals, and western moving pictures that made the facilities popular.
Tiger quintuplets, which are rare in the world, were born in 1923! The first lion in Japan was born in 1931.
Hanayashiki History
Hanayashiki History
The mini train, picture-story shows, mini pool, and the oldest attraction in Hanayashiki, "Surprizing House" were opened in 1949!

Hanayashiki Ninja Training
You can experience 3 kinds sills with FUN!
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Kimono and Tea Ceremony Experience.
- Nadeshiko -
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Kimono and Tea Ceremony Experience.@- Nadeshiko -
Wear a full-blown gorgeous KIMONO.
You can experience and explore many aspects of Japanese culture including the Tea Ceremony.
You can enjoy classic Japanese sweets and taste green tea on the Japanese traditional manner!!